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What's up, Dino? Last night, I had a pretty cool Zootopia dream. In my dream, I was the only human being in Zootopia. And I even joined the ZPD. Inside, I was wearing a police uniform and was delivering some paperwork to Chief Bogo. But then, Judy came to me.

Judy13 simmeh Hey, Josh!

Me: Eh, what's up, dino?

Judy39 simmeh Just a little heads up, Nick said he'll be back this afternoon.

Me: Hmm, thanks for the head up, Jude. Now, I gotta get this paperwork to the chief.

*After a while, I found Chief Bogo, talking with Clawhauser.*

Me: Chief!

Officer Clawhauser - Icon Hey, Josh!

Me: S'up, Clawhauser. *To Chief Bogo* Anyway, I got the paper you wanted me to get. And Judy said that Nick will be back this afternoon. But I'm gonna bet he'll come sooner.

Chief Bogo: *Takes the paperwork* Very good. And Josh.

Me: Yeah?

Chief Bogo: Keep up the good work.

Me: I will. And I gotta say, I'm still overwhelmed that I'm the only human in Zootopia.

Chief Bogo: Now you know how Ms. Hopps feels.

Me: And I'm more then just an "ordinary" human

Clawhauser: :-? (Confused) Why's that?

Me: Alright, I think it's time I showed you. But give me a little room.

*Clawhauser and Bogo just step back a bit. And then they saw a glowing picture on my chest, and my eyes went slit thin and glowed a gold yellow.*

Me: GO DINO...!!!

*I went Velociraptor*

:iconraptorplz: me: *SCREEECHING!!!*


Clawhauser: TOTAL SHOCK. oAo 

:iconraptorplz: me: See what I mean?

*Both the chief and Clawhauser are shocked, they couldn't speak. Until Clawhauser broke the silence.*

Clawhauser: What... are you?

:iconraptorplz: me: Me? I'm a Velociraptor. A speedy, highly intelligent predator, lived during the Late Cretaceous Period in Asia, 75 to 71 million years in the past. I can run up to 60-70 miles per hour.

Chief Bogo: That's as fast as cheetah's.

:iconraptorplz: I know. But the raptors are the first speedsters.

Chief Bogo: How did you turn into... this animal.

:iconraptorplz: me: It's... kind of a long story. But I have the power to turn into any dinosaur. And I mean any dinosaur. You got a superhero as a cop in ZPD.

Senpai Chief Bogo - Icon  Don't get to overconfident, Mr. Olivo.

:iconraptorplz: me: I know, I know. Now, if you excuse me, I have work to do.

*I ran with my awesome raptor-like speed.*

Chief Bogo: *Light chuckle* That's gonna take some getting use to...

Next in the dream, Judy came to my new place to hang out. She was making herself right at home. But then, I was back in my raptor form, and decided to have a little "fun" with Judy...

Judy31 simmeh Josh sure has a nice place. Much more room then my apartment.

*Judy was making her way to the living room, and I was sneaking up on her. I move fast behind some of my furniture. One of Judy's ears went up.*

Judy06 simmeh Josh...?

*Judy looks around for a moment, and shrugs.*

Judy Hopps Crazy Neighbors Emoticon. Probably just hearing things.

*Judy set's her stuff down and sits on one of my couches. I then ran past her from behind. This caused her too look around again.*

Judy06 simmeh Seriously, what is that?

*Judy get's back up and looks around.*

Judy54 simmeh Look, Josh, if this is some practical joke, it's not funny!


Judy Hopps - Icon Josh...?

*I was standing right behind her in raptor form. She felt a little warm wind behind her neck.*

:iconraptorplz: me: *huffed hissing*

Judy Hopps - Icon *Gasp and shudders!*

*Judy slowly turns around and sees me in my raptor form, but she doesn't know it's me though.*

Zootopia emote - Judy Hopps #2 Oh sweet cheese and crackers....

:iconraptorplz: me: *SCREECHING!!!*

*Judy screams and runs. She runs as fast as she could. Rabbits are fast, up to 45 miles per hour. But Velociraptors are faster, 60-70 miles per hour. And raptor can jump up 12 feet (24 length). I jump right in front of Judy and cornered her.*

:iconraptorplz: me: *Hiss of death*

Judy Hopps - Icon *heavy breathing*

*I was getting closure.*

Judy Hopps OHHHH, My Eyes Are Burning! Emoticon. GET AWAY!!!!!!

:iconraptorplz: me: SCREEEEEEECH!!!

*I jumped to her and my teeth are right in front of her*

:iconraptorplz: me: Gotcha.

Zootopia emote - Judy Hopps #2 *opens her eyes* What...?

*I changed back to human form*

Me: TA DA!!!

Judy: JOSH?!

Me: The one and only!

*Suddenly, my Spider-Sense tingles*

Me: :spidey:!

*Judy tries to jump on me, but I dodged my doing a side flip.*


Me: Alright, alright, I'm sorry. But you gotta admit, I gotcha.

Judy - Icon ....

*Judy then smiles*

Judy Hopps - Icon Alright, you got me.

Me: Heh. :)

Judy - Icon But scare me lake that again, I WILL kill you!

Me: Sweating a little... I'll keep that in mind.

Judy - Icon What was that anyway?

Me: What? This?

*I went back to raptor form*

:iconraptorplz: me: *Soft growling*

Judy Hopps - Icon Yeah, that.

:iconraptorplz: me: Oh, yeah. I can turn into any dinosaur. Long story. And this Dino that I am now, is a Velociraptor. Speedy and 
intelligent predator. Speed is 60-70 miles per hour, lived in Asia during the Late Cretaceous Period, 75 to 71 million years in the past.

Judy - Icon Okay...

*I changed back to human form.*

Me: All part of being a superhero.

Judy: Must be fun.

Me: You have no idea...

*I open a window.*

Me: Now if you excuse me, *I turned my arms to Pteranodon wings* I gotta fly.

*I took off into the air.*

Judy Hopps - Icon Wow... just... wow...

And that was my Zootopia dream, folks. 
Have any of you had a Zootopia dream? If you have, leave a comment bellow if you want.</b>
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I like sonic ,dinosaurs ,T.U.F.F. puppy, other shows,sharks,and I'm proud to be a Brony.And I like Jurassic Park. And a big fan of Spider-Man.

My home town is Florida, St. Cloud.



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